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Civiltrak Sydney has a proud history which gives the company a vast experience to carry out safe and affordable demolition services in Sydney. Civiltrak Sydney cater for all types and sizes of demolition projects in Australia. We have the latest and most advanced demolition equipment to provide the highest quality demolition. From a simple house demolition through to multi storey commerical buildings. The company’s demolition service also cover tree clearing, vegetation strip outs and other structures.



Civiltrak Sydney services including everything from small detail excavation for footings, trenches etc.. to multi-level basement bulk excavation projects, land clearing and site preparation. We cater to all clients from small time builders to Tier 1 construction companies


Site Remediation

Civiltrak Sydney is a safe, innovative and pragmatic remediation contractor. Our remediation business offers clients complete solutions for the clean-up of any type of sites. Our success is based on innovation, experience and exceptional operation standards

Our Capability include:
  • Tackle any phase of a site or facility remediation project. Our strength is in our ability to undertake on-site remedial treatment, excavation and waste segregation process while focusing on the future use of the land
  • Our team have an integrated understanding of the practical approaches to soil contamination management including the treatment of hydrocarbons, solvents, pesticides, asbestos , lead and other heavy metals
  • Able to implement contaminated site clean-up plans in partnership with our clients
  • Dust, debris, noise, odour, vibration monitoring and control
  • Waste management and optimisation – removal of waste such as radioactive materials, PCB’s, friable asbestos and other high level contaminated waste from building fabric or soils



Civiltrak Sydney can offer the a full early works package which includes Piling, Capping Beam, Shotcrete and anchoring. We can also provide alternative shoring solutions which cater to our clients needs and budget.

plant hire

Plant Hire

Civiltrak Sydney can offer machinery which ranges from 1.5 tonne to 60 tonne excavators including attachments, D6 to D11 Dozers, truck and trailers, bogies and compactors